White Wood 3 Bowl Diner



The  White wood 3 Bowl Diner. It is created with solid bamboo, water resistant finish which will not stain, 3 high quality stainless steel bowls and topped off with a polished stainless steel label representing the Pet Lounge Studios Brand. This is the perfect diner for a home with multiple pets or just a finicky eater.

The angles of our white Bamboo Diner, perfectly complements the angles of our popular Bamboo Pet Hammock.

  • Info about this product
    Dimensions: 21"L x 8.5"W x 2.5"H
    Bowls: (2) 1 Pint bowls and (1) 1 Quart bowl (Bowl width 5" Bowl Depth 2")                                      (Bowl width 7" Bowl Depth 2.5")
Weight: 8lbs

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