Pets' amenities rising trend for homebuilders May 20 2014, 0 Comments

These homes are set apart by their amenities — for dogs.

Standard Pacific Homes is building and selling homes in 27 developments from Florida to California and is believed to be the first to offer a pet suite as an option in every one.

The most lavish suite is a 170-square-foot pet paradise with a step-in wash station, handheld sprayer and leash lead; tile walls and floors; a designated drying area with a commercial sized pet dryer; a water station; automated feeders; a large bunk-style bed; cabinets for toys, treats and food; a stackable washer and dryer; a French door that opens to a puppy run; and a flat-screen television set.

Standard Pacific, based in Irvine, decided to offer pet suites after conducting livability studies with homeowners. Pets were a constant theme, said Jeffrey Lake, vice president and national director of architecture for Standard Pacific.

"Devotion to pets is second-to-none," he added. "They are family."

The American Pet Products Association reports that 68 percent of Americans own pets and contribute to an industry worth more than $55 billion annually.

Real estate officials say building homes designed to cater to pets is a new concept, but that remodels for pet owners have been available for some time.

Adam Cowherd Construction in Ozark, Missouri, installs pet-friendly additions to homes. Cowherd said he recently finished a job where there was an open shelf on the end of a kitchen island to hold pet bowls.

"Owners want it uniquely functional, very contemporary and something that catches the eye," Cowherd said.

However, only once in the last 10 years has he been asked to build a whole room for a pet, he added.

Melanie Dean lives with her family near Dallas in a Standard Pacific home with a pet package for their dog, Lola.

Lola's room "makes life much easier," Dean said. "We don't have to use the kitchen sink to wash yucky stuff anymore."

Standard Pacific Homes' newest community, called Avignon at Blackstone in Brea, about 25 miles south of Los Angeles, features homes that start at $710,000. The pet spa option adds $35,000 to the price, Lake said.

Only the largest suite is available in Brea, but in some of the other communities, there are smaller sizes and prices, starting at 60 square feet for $8,000, he said.

During some of the model grand openings at different communities, several potential buyers brought their dogs to look at the homes, said Danielle Tocco, the company's director of communications.

Around 70 percent of those looking for a home have pets, said Mollie Carmichael, principal at the John Burns Real Estate Consulting firm in Irvine.

Pet adoptions were also held at some model grand openings, Tocco said, just in case somebody didn't have a dog but wanted one.

For cat owners, things can be rearranged and swapped out, like a scratching post for the dryer. And if no one is using the bath, it can be used for sporting equipment, like golf clubs.

Those looking to sell their homes may find their pet additions to be a benefit.

Laundry rooms and mud rooms toward the back of homes are popular, said Amy Bohutinsky, chief marketing officer at Seattle-based Zillow. Pet washrooms can also be used as multipurpose mud rooms, which may attract buyers.


The Buckeye Bulldog December 03 2013, 0 Comments

Hi Jesse!


We did receive it!  It was such a WONDERFUL surprise!  It really couldn’t have come at a more perfect time…


The day we received it (late afternoon), also happened to be the same day (earlier in the morning), that we found out our 8 month old Olde English Bulldog puppy has SEVERE hip dysplasia (the worst the vet has seen) and “loose” knees.  The vet suggested to ease some of the discomfort that we should get him a bed to sleep on (so he doesn’t try to jump on the couch), to help his hips.   And there was the bed you sent!


We just met with an Orthopedic Vet Specialist, who confirmed the 1st diagnosis, and referred us to NC State Vets for full hip replacement surgery for both hips, and knee surgery.  Very upsetting news, so your gift was a very thoughtful and wonderful surprise!  You made that day brighter, and Brutus (the Buckeye bulldog) LOVES his new bed!  I’ll take a pic and send it to you soon!


Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you! Your timing was perfect!





PS. Hope you’re not a Florida State fan – Go Buckeyes!

Part One: Introduction to Pet Lounge Studios and Bamboo September 05 2012, 1 Comment

We have decided to create a Video Manufacturing Documentary broken down into segments to give you an inside glimpse into our company and the intricacies of the manufacturing process in an effort to give life to our brand and products. Many people take for granted the products they use everyday without any consideration into how they were developed or manufactured. We hope you will have a newfound appreciation not only for our products, but also the products you use everyday. Enjoy and please feel free to leave comments or any questions you may have and we will try our best to answer them. Thank you for taking the time to watch our documentary.



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We understand that there is a lot of concern in the United States regarding manufacturing in China and we wanted to clarify a few things regarding the reasons we manufacture our products in China.

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This year we launched our entire Bambu Pet Furniture Collection at the world's largest pet industry trade show, Global Pet Expo 2012. It was record breaking attendance as the crowds swarmed our booth in excitement for the unavailing of eco-friendly products line. In our first exhibition we closed deals with some of the largest retailers and distributors both domestically and internationally expanding our popular brand on a global level. We have partnered with distributors and retailers throughout US, Europe and South America.