Our Mission:

Pet Lounge Studios’s mission is to create environmentally conscience, high quality pet products that solve a variety of problems. The main problem pet owner’s face is how to seamlessly and comfortably integrate our pets into our homes without sacrificing our finely planned décor. The result is our own unique and most sought after brand in the high end pet market. Pet Lounge Studios's products have graced the covers of top interior design and pet publications across the world and can be found on high end retail shelves throughout North America, Europe, Asia and soon in South America, Australia and Norway.

Who we are:

Pet Lounge Studios is a small group of extremely creative and hardworking individuals that are equally passionate about our animals, the environment and of course design. These are the most important ingredients to our company’s success because the result not only our unique brand, but also loving what we do. 

We are professionally trained and have extensive experience in a wide range of areas and many of our backgrounds overlap each other’s, but we all have our own unique abilities that make up Pet Lounge Studios.  These areas include furniture and product design, graphics and branding identity, interior design, marketing and sales, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management.