Are your products really eco-friendly? Yes. Please visit our materials page to learn more about the steps we take to minimize our environmental footprint on Earth. We take extra steps in the materials we use, our relationships with only top quality factories and our near paperless work environment.

How do we place an order? We have been working hard behind the scenes trying to make the ordering process as automated and simple as possible. Select the product and options you would like and during the checkout process you will be asked to provide all the neccessary information and create an account. Your account will be activated and you will be able to return to our website at any time to check the status of your order.

Damaged Merchandise
All shipments are fully insured when they leave our factory. If upon receipt you notice exterior damage to a box, (more than normal “rub” marks) please ask the delivery person to open the box for inspection. If the Cat Tree is damaged in any way refuse delivery, and notify us immediately either by email of phone and we will expedite another unit to you. If the damage is not discovered until after the delivery person has left and you have unboxed the unit, please notify us immediately by email or phone, and we will make arrangements to replace the unit. Remember to keep all containers and packing material in the event the unit is returned.

How do I know which size product is right for our pet? When it comes to our Loungers and Hammocks, the best way to select the correct size is to follow the cushion dimensions that we have listed on each product page. Some of our products have a weight limit and this is to be used more as a guide for your pets size than our beds not being able to hold the weight. Our pet diners have listed their bowl size as a guide. A 1 pint bowl is used for toy dogs or cats, the 1 quart can accomodate small to medium dogs ranging anywhere from 15lbs-50lbs and our 2 quart bowls will accomodate dogs up to 90lbs.

How do I know that my pet will sleep in their bed? Most dogs/cats take a little while to adjust to any new bed, but we promise you that our beds have been tested countless times throughout the design process and beyond. Our beds are not just awesome designs, but you pets will love them!

Bamboo is a renewable resource so why is it a little expensive? Yes, bamboo is a renewable resource, but the process of harvesting it and preparing it to become a board is a very lengthy and intense process. Imagine taking hundreds of raw bamboo poles and then ending up with a board. It takes a lot of time!

What is the best way to clean the beds and diners? Our products are designed to last a very long time with minimal care. The bamboo is simple to clean with a warm, damp rag and a little bit of soap. You can even use furniture polish from time to time. The cushions are also very simple to clean. All of our fabrics are ultra suede polyester which are inherently stain resistant so for the most part they clean themselves, but there are the occassional times when they will need to be cleaned. The hammock pads or the cushion covers for the other beds can be handwashed with a little soap or they can even be thrown in the washer on a delicate cycle and either air-dried or a tumle dry in your washer.

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